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We understand that your bird, or maybe small flock, is very special. Caring for the health and well being of a bird can be more involved than the more common dog or cat as a household pet. With that in mind, Parrot Playground provides a complete, one stop shop for all the products necessary for the care of your special bird. We strive to do that in a way that provides quality, veterinarian approved, products for your bird while doing it in a cost effective way for you.

Food Guarantee

Food items are perishable. We pride ourselves on getting food to you with a long shelf life. We store our foods in a climate-controlled warehouse, rotate our stock with every shipment and practice rigid pest prevention and control. We guarantee the freshest foods are delivered to you. In the event that the food you recieve is not up to your standards, please contact us immediately so that we may correct this issue for you and other Parrot Playground customers. Sometimes the issue originates at the vendor, so contacting us quickly can indeed help many other bird owners.

Avian Veterinarian Inspected and Approved

All of our bird products are safe and healthy and approved by a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian.

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